Sedes Sapientiæ is a quarterly review published in French, founded more than thirty-five years ago by the Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer. It is placed under the protection of Our Lady, “Seat of Wisdom” (Sedes Sapientiæ in Latin) and of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Its aim is to help Christians deepen their religious knowledge by forming their intelligences in the light of the common Doctor of the Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and to contribute to religious debates in fidelity to Catholic Tradition and the Church’s magisterium.

Sedes Sapientiæ has many English-speaking friends and benefactors around the world. We are happy to thank them by offering this special issue to the public.


About Us

An Interview with the Founder of the Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer

Louis-Marie de Blignières

Canon Law

The Pope and the Law of Religious Institutes

Louis-Marie de Blignières


The Magisterial Authority of Vatican II

Bernard Lucien


Ex Oriente Lux: St. John Paul II, the Eastern Rites, and the Traditional Roman Rite

John Pepino


An Ex-Muslim’s impressions of the Traditional Mass

Derya Little


Adam before the Fall

A priest of the Order of Preachers


A Sermon on Transubstantiation

Joseph-Marie Gilliot

Dominican Life

An English Lay Brother in France

Vincent-Marie Hoare


Augustin-Marie Aubry, Obéir ou Assentir ?

Laurent-Marie Pocquet du Haut-Jussé and Antoine-Marie de Araujo

Short reviews

Brian Besong, Jonathan Fuqua (eds), Faith and Reason, Philosophers Explain Their Turn to Catholicism

Paul Williams, The Unexpected Way, On converting from Buddhism to Catholicism

Humbert of Romans, De Oratione

144 pages

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